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Possible elevated PSU Failure rate considerations

Page history last edited by dubslick 13 years, 9 months ago

It does seem this unit did have some problems with power supply, both in its intell direct and Fujitsu scaleo end configurations. Although not a common failure, it happens enough for a replacement kit to have been sold, and a technical service bulletin issued.

I have found the following PSU's which will fit with two adjustments, replacing the 65 mm fan next to the PSU with a 50mm, and cutting a hole in the case to accommodate the swtich 


(100x40.5x190) 250W 16A 18A 16A 0.3A 0.8A 2.5A 120W 90~264


(100x40.5x205) 250W 16A 25A 13A 0.3A 0.8A 2A 145W 90~264


(100x40.5x190) 250W 16A 16A V1:16A n/a 0.5A 2.5A 100W 90~264 V2:16A

from http://www.sparklepo...IPCPS_1U2U.html

That being said, if looks don't matter or it is in a closet (like mine) there is also always the possibility of replacement (either on failure or as a precaution) with a normal sized PSU mounted outside the case. People do that with some pc and pc type builds on occasion, with of course caution as to proper grounding to the case. That could insure a maximum cost/power/idle-efficiency, sacrificing only looks.


There do seem to be 300 watt versions in workabe dimensions for those who may be concerned with adding things like a higher power processor, video card, and may have 4x7200rpm non green disks.


In any case avoiding enabling write cache may be a consideration for some level of protection in the even to PSU failure.



In addition to a higher than average power supply failure there do seem to be issues with any interruption of power scramming the data and or WHS install


Given that users may wish to consider:

1) Utiliing an inexpensive battery backup UPC with USB enabled shutdown like APC Back-UPS ES BE550G 550

550, which should have enough power to shutdown device in event of an interruption.


2) Absent that, some above normal consideration should be given to avoiding enabled write cache.




Legend-Micro is sending out the Sparkle SPI220LE as a replacement power supply.  It is 150x81.5x40.5mm so it should fit in the same space.

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Magneto said

at 3:56 am on May 4, 2010

The Intel versions have a 3 or 5 yr warranty so I wouldn't necessarily go for any solutions here prior to contacting them for a resolution. The warranty was the reason I bought this and not an Asus or HP product.

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