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Prevent overwrite of exports file, enable no_root_squash

Page history last edited by Ben M. 14 years, 3 months ago

This workaround applies only to software version  Please verify your software version under "Device Settings" before you continue!


The NFS configuration file is /etc/exports.  With the EMC software, this file is actually a symlink to /mnt/soho_storage/config/exports.  When you change the configuration of your NFS shares through the EMC interface, this file is overwritten. 


In some circumstances, it's desirable to manually edit /etc/exports.  For example, you may wish to enable the no_root_squash option.  For security reasons, by default, a remote root user gets "squashed" to access the share instead as nobody.  The no_root_squash option grants root access to any remote root user.  (Use only on a completely trusted network!)


Unfortunately, after each reboot, the /etc/exports file is deleted and replaced by a symlink to the EMC-generated file.  I created a script to prevent changes from being lost.  Simply paste the following into a shell, and the necessary scripts will be created.  Then you can edit /etc/exports without losing your changes.


To apply any changes to /etc/exports, execute the command:

  exportfs -arv

(a = all directories, r = reexport, v=verbose)


Warning: Use this at your own risk.  There could be bugs.  I take no responsibility whatsoever.  (If you discover a bug, then please fix it!)



To install the scripts, open a shell and paste the contents of this file.



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