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Openfiler Migration

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  • Install Openfiler on USB-Stick to boot OS without changing DOM
  • Preserve and access Raid data with Openfiler (former data structure of EMC)



          Check use Local LDAP


          Base DN: dc=openfiler,dc=nas

          Root bind DN: cn=Manager,dc=openfiler,dc=nas

          Rot bind password: ‘rootpassword’

  • Samba works like a charm after configuring the shares
  • To provide the shares I made a symbolic link. (ln -s /mnt/md0Container/md0Region/samba/shares/EMCShare /mnt/md0Container/md0Region/OpenfilerShare)


  • Since I killed the OS-config by executing "conary updateall" I had to reinstall the system (severall hours), I had to perform the procedure a second time.
  • Samba Transfer rates (50MB/s down, 30MB/s up) -> a little bit slower than EMC


Attention: Data could be lost if you make any error!!!!!!!

Keep this in mind!


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