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Drive Issues - Issues with Samsung HD501LJ Drives

Page history last edited by Redhat Virgil 14 years, 7 months ago

There is a report around that the units have issues booting with Samsung HD501LJ 500gb SATA Drives.  The unit boots initially but on the second boot.dumps with a corrupted Manufacturer name in the BIOS.


This info was found in the Microsoft Community Forums and was reported by 'getz76'.(forums.microsoft.com/windowshomeserver/showpost.aspx).


Comments (3)

Peter said

at 9:54 pm on Dec 9, 2009

I am using the SS4200-E and am having problems with Samsung HD753LJ drives, just like the posted issue with the Samsung 500GB drives posted on your site. It worked fine until I rebooted the machine and then a total dump. I have replaced the Intel unit with the exact same result having all four bays populated with this Samsung model. I have not tried using alternate drives in combination with the Samsung's to see if there is a different result. I would avoid Samsung drives with this unit.

Xpl0d3 said

at 6:43 pm on Dec 11, 2009

I have 4 HD501LJ-Drives with 2 different manufacture Dates.
There was a Problem first, becasue there were intact partitions on the disks, so the SS4200 wasn't able to boot properly.
But i fixed it by deleting those partitions entirely with windows.

So I assume this problem does not occur on all Samsung drives...

tcg said

at 4:25 pm on Dec 12, 2009

fyi: i also have 4 hd501lj, also with 2 different firmwares (3*cr12, 1*cr13), and they work perfect here !
but im not using the emc-soft, i installed ubuntu 9.10.

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