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Wiki for the Intel SS-4200 NAS Devices


This is a wiki for the Intel SS-4200 NAS/ Windows Home Server units.  They come in two versions, the SS-4200E which runs a copy of Linux (With EMC utilities) and the SS-4200EHW which comes with no OS loaded (supposedly possible to install Windows Home Server on it).


Fujitsu-Siemens rebadges these devices as Scaleo Home Server.


The hardware is basically a standard PC with a 1.6GHz Celeron Core Solo and 512MB RAM.  Capacity for 4 SATA Drives with a standard IDE Header as well.  The SS4200-E units use a DOM (Disk On Module) which is a Solid State Disk (SSD) loaded with Linux and EMC utilities.



Google Group

Given the relatively limited interface here for threaded converstations, a group at google groups has been created:  http://groups.google.com/group/ss4200.




Intel Entry Storage System SS4200-E Review on SmallNetBuilder.com


Pictures of the SS4200 and its components




Console Access via RS232

Detected Hardware

  • SiI 3132 SATA300 controller drives eSATA ports
  • Intel ICH7R controller drives 4 internal SATA ports and PATA port
  • If you are running a custom kernel you can use this driver to control the LEDs.


Intel - Product Discontinuance Announcement

Intel is announcing the discontinuance of the IntelĀ® Entry Storage System SS4200-E and SS4200-EHW.



Performance Note - Disabling Drive Command Queuing

Boot Issues - Power light flashes continuously

Drive Issues - Issues with Samsung HD501LJ Drives

Drive Issues - Boot issues with WD Drives

Stability Issues - Device prevents new SMB connections

Support Notes - Access to the Device support page 

NFS Issues - Invalid arguments when copying files    

System lock-up with long filename - Asian words

Drive fault - Dashboard on web interface will not load

Unable To Join To Windows Server 2008 Domain

Possible elevated PSU Failure rate considerations

SIL3132 Windows Server 2008 x64 Driver



BIOS screenshots


EMC NAS Software (Native Intel Software)

Convert SS4200-EHW to SS4200-E 

Enable SSH Access on the SS4200-E

Configure a scheduled reboot on the SS4200-E

Startup and Shutdown SS4200 with a small Tool

Prevent overwrite of exports file, enable no_root_squash


Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server Installation - Intel Documentation

Windows Home Server Installation - Notes

Windows refund on Scaleo 2200 (SS4200-E)

SS4200 / Fujitsu Scaleo Windows Home server forums on WeGotServed (WHS Forum Site)



Linux lspci output

Enable Leds under Debian

Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 on the SS4200 (using null-modem cable and USB cd drive)







FreeNAS 0.69 

FreeNAS 0_70




Check out : https://forums.openfiler.com/viewtopic.php?pid=9883#p9883

Openfiler migration (preserve data on Raid Volume)



EMC Iomega NAS


Since Intel had deprecated its SOHO NAS line (at least the SS4200e series), I suspect they will not provide updates for the OEM EMC Lifeline software which is currently at version The latest version for the 'official' EMC Iomega NAS lines is Here is the link for the latest version applicable to the StorCenter pro ix4-200r NAS appliance (which is very similar to the SS4200e - Celeron Proc, 4 drive bays, 1 GB RAM, 1xNIC, etc.) but in a 1U rack form. Here is the DL for the Iomega FW version 2.x:




Obviously depending on how the kernel was compiled for OEM versions will govern the portability of this version for the SS4200e. In any case I will attempt to load the 2.x version to the DOM on my SS4200e and report the findings. 



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