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Stability Issues - Device prevents new SMB connections

Page history last edited by Redhat Virgil 14 years, 10 months ago



We're having current issues with the latest version of code (1.1.32657) while trying to run backups of servers using a system imaging product (eg Acronis / Shadowcraft StorageProtect).  We only started to notice this since upgrading.  Still in progress with Intel support.  Had one support request come back with the answer that only Retrospect was supported as a backup solution, but another call is still progressing (slowly).


Updated 16-09-2009: 

  • And this issue is still in progress with Intel support (only 8 months).  We're still no closer to a final solution. 
  • Our workaround has been to schedule a reboot of the unit on a regular basis (see Configure a scheduled reboot on the SS4200-E).
  • The issue appears to be samba not releasing connections.  Once the unit hits 50 connections to a particular share, it stops accepting any more connections on the share.  Other shares are still available.  The connections are not seen in netstat but are seen in the samba version of netstat (command escapes me at the moment).


Couple of things to come out of the support calls:

  • A support page exists under http://<ip.of.your.ss4200>/support.html.  This page amongst other things allows you to download an archive of all system files.
  • The root password is 'soho' plus your admin password. Eg if the admin password was 'pAssword', the root password for the NAS would be 'sohopAssword'. 
  • The latest version of code adds 'max connections 50' to the smb.conf file.  This didn't exist prev.

Comments (3)

Michael said

at 2:34 am on Sep 14, 2009

"The root password is different on different boxes. The password could be constructed with the system serial number (maybe?). "

Any more information on the root password?

Nick said

at 2:50 am on Sep 14, 2009

the console root password on my ss4200 is soho+"my web admin pass". So if my web admin password was ss4200server, the console root password would be: sohoss4200server. Hope that helps.

Michael said

at 4:07 am on Sep 14, 2009

Perfect, thanks Nick!

That was correct for my box. I was able to get in to the box using SSH remotely (via wireless N on my router) using PuTTY on port 22. I had to enable SSH using the <ipaddress>/support.html page on the client first, per the OP, above.

Wonderful! Remote access to the box with no RS232 and no PCI x1 to x16 cable, etc. Thanks again. Michael

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