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System lockup if filename is long - Asian words

Page history last edited by TM 14 years, 8 months ago

There is an obscure limitation of the SS4200E to deal with long filenames. It did not explain the problem in detail. You can check the software release (rel. 1.4) notes for more. This is especially important for Asian language where multiple bytes are needed to represent one word (e.g. Chinese). WHS or other linus installation probably should not have the same limitation, but loading a new OS will destroy the data I already migrated over.


It started a few weeks ago when I moved my media content to it. Since the system had been stable for quite some time, I moved some unique media content onto it. The copying broke (system seemed to have locked up) a few times, but I thought it may be my client issue or some transient events. But then the up time of the system is down to just a minutes or so after the reboot. I was really worried that I would lose these unique content if I cannot have it resolved.


The issue is that the system would allow the files (with the offending long names) to be copied. No warnings are given. But then, the system will become unresponsible after some time (when idle) and seems to have locked up. The EMC web interface shows that the system is no longer available. The router and ping still see the network connection, (that was about all I can get from the system). Upon rebooting (power cycling), the system comes back on, but within a very short time, it becomed unresponsive again.  All these symptoms and the lack of error message make it difficult to figure out what is going on.


Upon seeing the release notes, I tried copying the offending directory back to my client system and it succeeded without crashing (I was happy that it did not crash during this operation). Since then, I removed the offending directory from the server, scanned the directories with this tool (filename checker) and fix all filenames. The "cleaned" directories are copied over to the server and it seems to work again. However, I am keeping duplicates on my client, just in case.



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