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Windows Home Server Installation - Intel Documentation

Page history last edited by CyberLeo 14 years ago

Intel Documentation

After initially getting nowhere with Intel Tech support, someone pointed out there were finally installation instructions on their website.  Seems they created this pretty recently (1st April 2008 in the PDF Properties).


It looks like all the info is here.  The only real issue is that you need to have a graphics card that can be plugged into the onboard PCIE 1X slot.  There is an adapter available from Adex which converts from PXIE X1 to X16, but getting one of these around here (I'm not in the US) is likely to be a fun task (and $$).


Possibly automating the installation

Given that the installation is now fully documented (and pretty easy with the right equipment), I'm now wondering where there's a way of automating the installation so that we can complete it without using a graphics card.  Managed to get hold of the WHS installation media and the OPK cd I'll see how far I get.


Comments (3)

TinyRK said

at 8:37 pm on Jun 5, 2009

I use an automated installation!

nLite lets you include drivers and the Product key.

The most important part is the key (otherwise you have to press a few buttons which you can't, since you don't have a video card) and - MOST important: the Intel LAN driver!!!
Without this driver your network card is not working, so you can't access WHS via Remote Desktop or WHS Connector.

TinyRK said

at 8:40 pm on Jun 5, 2009

Regarding the PCIe 1x extender:

I bought an Male-to-female PCIe 1x cable ($10 shipped on ebay) and opened up the end of the slot of the cable, and now I can put a PCIe 16x card in there.

Ra6 said

at 8:15 pm on Jan 25, 2010

I think another issue is creating a WHS recovery disk. Has anyone done that? The Scaleo sold with WHS used a DOM (with different software than you get with the ss4200e DOM) that allowed use of a recovery disk on a client PC.

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