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Windows Home Server Installation - Notes

Page history last edited by Redhat Virgil 12 years, 6 months ago

Someone at work ended up purchasing a Matrox PCIE 1X card which allowed me to install WHS.  Install is really simple, just a normal Windows Server 2003 install.  I used nLite to slipstream in the SATA and Network Drivers and did the install off a USB memory stick.  The only real issue seen was with the Intel Hardware Monitor service which is installed as a WHS plugin.  Every time I tried to run in (it installed easily enough) the service would terminate.  The event log reported a DotNet error.  Still haven't got this part working.


One part I haven't look much into is apparent hardware RAID5 support in the BIOS.  It looks like you can setup a RAID volume and choose your RAID level.  Will try and see how well it performs.

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