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Control SS4200 with a simple Application (Windows)

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What it does


This tool makes it possible to startup and shutdown the SS4200 with a single click.

Moreover it enables you to start you NAS automatically with your master PC. A Shutdown is also automatically initiated when Windows shuts down.


The startup ist realized by using WoL. The shutdown works by instrumenting the web interface.


System requirements:

* Windows with installed .NET-Framework 3.5


Download and Source Code



GNU GPL v3.0

Initial author: www.itsinn.biz


Known Issues


The current version is detecting the online state of the NAS by opening a port to the NAS (80).

In some situations this port isn't closed correctly.


This issue will be fixed in the next release.


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celari said

at 1:21 am on Dec 14, 2009

please post bugs / problems

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